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Amazingly, this was his 3rd straight international/national piano competition where he swept all the awards/prizes that any competitor could possibly win, but 2nd straight that he got only 2nd prize instead of 1st – so he ended up with one 1st Prize, two 2nd Prizes, two Audience Favorite Awards, one Best Solo Award and one […]

Continuing to support the great Lang Lang Foundation program M.A.G.I.C. like last year, Charlie went to the New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital to perform a solo recital this time, giving the kids and hospital staff a treat of diverse classical music. Unlike last year, where both Jess and Charlie played Mozart, this time Charlie […]

SouthEastern Piano Festival (SEPF) is one of the most well-regarded piano event in USA. Every year since 2003, top pianists, piano educators, enthusiasts come to the event to perform, teach, enjoy world-class piano music for an entire week. About 20 top young pianists from USA and abroad would take part in the week-long concerts, classes […]

This is a long post about recent competitions and also summary for recent events. You’re warned about the length! 😉 William recently won Silver Prize from the IMPACT piano competition and performed in the Nicholas Music Center in Rutgers! He performed Chopin Nocturne Op.72 No.1 beautifully in the winners’ concert, on the nice-sounding Steinway that […]

Last night, we saw an extremely sad and distressful news about an immensely talented pianist that we’ve had the privilege to meet last year. We loved his music and Charlie looks up to him. It just broke our hearts to see the tragedy that happened. We feel obliged to say our best wishes to him. […]

In the just-finished NJ state piano competition (NJMTA), William won 3rd place in a hotly contested 10yo age division, despite being one of the youngest contestants due to birthday in Sept. Congratulations to him for his hard work these past few months, and much thanks to his teacher Todd Simmons’ hard work! William’s been studying […]

Helping Out Good Causes

For the 2nd year in a row, Charlie, William and I went to the Light the Night Walk Princeton to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to fund research to find blood cancer cures. And like last year, it was quite fun to take part in the event – and as usual it only […]

Please help out my latest community fundraiser – a continuation of the earlier efforts. I really need your help to share about it. Thank you! https://gofund.me/charliemusic  

Over the weekend, through 3 days of competition, Charlie charmed the audience of the Thousand Islands International Piano Competition with a total of ~50 mins performances that exhibited both dazzling techniques with a fiery intensity, and mesmerizing musicality with breathtaking details. While Charlie usually performs well in competitions, this time it’s probably his best yet, […]

This is a post that I know will be of interest to most reading this blog, but I must warn you ahead of the time: This is simply my opinion, as are all the posts on this blog site. So it might be more subjective than any piano competition itself might be. 🙂 Also note […]

I haven’t been posting Charlie’s local events for a long time out of laziness. But I will try to be more active now: Tomorrow Tuesday 7/21 Charlie will be at a free presentation about Horowitz and perform on his piano! Details below: Westminster Choir College’s Piano Camp for High School Students, led by Professor Ingrid […]

Where Are They Now?

Charlie had collaborated with a number of amazing young pianists from the world in his “Young Artists for Haiti” benefit event. Six years ago (2009) I have also blogged about 8 of the most impressive young piano talents on Youtube. Recently, seeing some of those names in top piano competitions, and being reminded of my […]

MostArts Festival is a competition held by the Alfred University and started by Dr. Lisa Lantz. It is rather new, but is quickly gaining attention thanks (probably in no small part) to an outsized first prize (but also likely for reasons I listed further below, particularly in the future).  It had strong contestants in 2014, […]

So Far So Good!

Time really flies – in the blink of an eye Charlie’s first year in high school is already over. It was eventful and mostly successful – Charlie won 1st prize in David Dubois Competition, 3rd prize in Yamaha Int’l, and failed to win anything in e-piano, unfortunately. Also notable is winning NJ 1st place again, […]

Ms. Annie, Where Are You?

Charlie was an extremely shy and intelligent kid when he was very young – he still is somewhat shy but much much better now – and he started to become more open to the wild wild world as he started his formal pre-school experience in Plowshares Childcare in Lincoln Elliot School in MA.  Ms. Annie […]

Helping out good causes

Recently, Charlie dazzled hundreds of elementary school students in PS46 Arthur Tappen School in NYC as part of the Lang Lang Foundation’s Keys of Inspiration program. Charlie had to skip a day of school to do so, which is no small deal given the days he missed school due to competitions, and the fact that […]

Since last August when Charlie raised $2500+ for our local all-volunteer rescue squads (who provide free emergency medical service/transportation to local towns), an idea sprung up: Why not let more kids help their own communities through the same kind of concerts? There are some difficulties in doing that, because concert needs a nice and reasonably […]

Since Charlie had always been doing piano and hockey, we haven’t paid much attention to other things. He was always good in academics, especially Math. We never had to worry about him, and never thought about taking him for any extra Math or other things. Well, if anything, we did try out Kumon once, when […]

We’re just notified that Charlie’s younger brother William won the top prize – Grand Prix – in the Music Fest and thus will perform in the Carnegie Hall again! Of course, Music Fest is no David Dubois, but it’s a nice competition for young musicians to check their progress and see how they measure against […]

In the just-finished 5th David D. Dubois Piano Festival and Competition, Charlie bested a pool of 20 other talented 8th-12th grade pianists from USA and China and won 1st Prize! Moreover, the 2013 Cliburn International Piano Competition Gold Medalist Vadym Kholodenko served on the jury for the Final, and noted that Charlie’s “special approach to […]

We are happy to report that in the just finished 7th Bösendorfer and Yamaha USASU International Piano Competition – a prestigious biennial competition that attracts many top young pianists each time (Martha Agerich served on its jury before) – Charlie was able to win the 3rd Prize! In Charlie’s age category, the Junior division, age […]

I’m glad to report that Charlie had won the 1st place in NJMTA this year again! With this win, he had won 3 first places in the last 4 years, and placed in the top 3 in 7 of the 8 years he took part in NJMTA.  He was 1 for 1 in Massachusetts (he […]

This past Sunday 8/17, the “Rescue Music” benefit solo recital by Charlie was held at the beautiful Channing Hall of UUCP.  Before the concert, as I was contacting my friends and colleagues, I realized that this time of the year is actually the peak of family vacation season.  Why so?  It’s because most of the […]

With Charlie’s half year report out of the way, I can finally report on the exciting upcoming event: “Rescue Music” concert! This concert is only Charlie’s 2nd benefit solo recital ever, and now 4 years older, his repertoire will be a lot more impressive and a lot more satisfying for the classical music lovers.  But […]

2014 Half Year Summary

Well, I’ve been too lazy writing about Charlie’s events recently, but it’s worth summarizing what’s been happening. Besides, I want to get this post out of the way so I can post a much more exciting upcoming event! First, piano: Charlie had won his 5th High Honors in the 5th NJMTA Spring Audition he took […]

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